Vendor Sign Up: ( SORRY ALL SPOTS ARE SOLD OUT ) See below for 2023 pre-sign up or 2022 waitlist.

To get on the waitlist please send a email to and provide ( spot size needed , type of business , contact information, and website address if available and if you looking for pre-sign up for 2023 or 2022 wait list ) Thanks you for your support !!!!

2022 Irish Festival Demographic:

Look who’s Going to the Irish Festival and do they fit your business ? We believe they do.

15,000 Attendees expected, Demographic Data From Ocean County, NJ

Population Details: 48.3% male and 51.7 % female ( 62% of households with children.) the work force is , 82 % white collar 18 % blue collar. Think: Financial, banks, legal, Childcare, law firms, doctors, Healthcare, Fitness, Education, and Dental services.

Car ownership: Over 95% of households own at least one vehicle. Think: over 230,000 cars, all needing service, insurance and replacement.

Median household income $103,000 annually: Huge disposable income, almost 22%. Think : Dining out, Entertainment, travel, hotels, luxury goods, and hobbies.

Medium home price $316,000, with over 227,000 total units. Think: Builders, contractors , Landscaping, insurance, furniture, security systems, real-estate , home improvement, Pest control, and solar energy .

Please be advised, all the vendor plans ( all plans/ spots are sold out) below Include the on-line market place, a $100 value at no charge which will be up on the website until August 2023. Please make sure to include your URL when signing up so your website is posted correctly.( For additional information please contact Kristy Bryant @ or 609.312.6065)

• The Price for a 10×10 Spots is $250 Sold out
• The Price for a 10×20 Spots is $400 Sold out
• The Price for a Display/Vehicle, up to 22 Feet, is $500 Sold out
• The price for the “On-line Market Place Only” is $100 Still available ( online only )

   Please pay with credit card below and provide your URL along with all other requested information

• For Other Request/Ideas, please contact Ken or Mark. Thanks you for your Donation to our Community Charity partners. ( thanks for your support this year, but due to the high demand we are sold out this year )

If you would like to be on the 2022 waitlist if their is a cancelation or get on the 2023 pre-sign up list please email with the size you need ( see sizes listed above, contact information and the type of business ( your web site address would be fantastic) please note 2023 will be based on a 1st come 1st serve base. As always thanks you for your support to our Charitable partners .

Please review and complete the application and permits below if applicable.

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